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Searching for British Foreign Office: Russia Correspondence documents: Home

Searching for BFO: Russia Correspondence documents

This page contains searchable-text PDF versions of the finding aids to the British Foreign Office: Russia Correspondence microfilm collection. Totaling nearly 700 pages, these aids contain helpful subject descriptions for most of the documents contained within the collection. Rather than page through hundreds of pages and scan thousands of descriptions, these files allow researchers a quick and easy way to locate resources pertinent to their research. Detailed subject descriptions are not provided prior to 1906.

Part of the Dr. Lee Williames & David Theis Collection, this collection contains the correspondence of the British Foreign Office with other British agencies operating within Russia and the Russian government itself. Covering British involvement from 1883 to 1948, these documents serve as important primary sources that detail a tumultuous period in Russian history that includes the last days of Tsarist rule, the beginning of the Russian Revolution, the creation of the Soviet Union, and the devastation of the Second World War. The microform collection is housed at the Doherty Library in the Silent Reading Room (first floor, east wing).

Please remember: this page DOES NOT provide online access to documents in the collection! Only two sections of this collection have been digitized.  Both are available as part of the Dr. Lee Williames and David Theis Collection and can be accessed here (1883-1886) and here (1914-1918).

Detailed subject descriptions are not provided prior to 1906.

Guides by Year (1883-1919)








1919 Part 1

1919 Part 2

Guides by year (1920-1948)











How to use this page...

How to use this resource:

1.) Left-click on the PDF icon for the date range that you wish to search. The selected document will open up in your browser window.

2.) While holding down the CTRL key, press the F key. The search box for text searching will open up in the top right corner of the page. Type in your search terms and hit enter.

3.) All identified occurrences of the search term will be highlighted. Use the arrows on the right of the search box to be taken to the next or previous occurrence of the search term.

4.) Be sure to note the date and reel number of documents. These will be needed to locate the correct microfilm reel from the collection. In addition, the information listed under volume, file, document, and page will make it easier to quickly find the document while using the microfilm reader.

NOTE: The layout and information provided differs from guide to guide. At minimum, all will provide date and reel number. Detailed subject descriptions are not provided prior to 1906.