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For Faculty: Library Instruction

Services available for faculty through Doherty Library

Syllabus Statement

Consider placing this language in your syllabus to direct students to our go-to help resource:

Go to to contact reference librarians or to get instant answers to frequently-asked questions. Librarians are available to help you with research and library use questions though email, phone, chat, text and in person. Get the best information and speed up your research at Doherty Library.

Doherty Library Instruction Opportunities

To request library instruction, contact the Public Services Librarian:

Nicolas Castellanos

Classes are typically held in Doherty Library 008, where laptops are available for student use.

In addition to class sessions, Doherty Library provides instruction in the following forms:

  • Research Guides: Library-produced websites with links and instructions for your subject's key library and web resources
  • Ask Us FAQs and Tutorials: Easy access to online instructions and library-produced video tutorials on specific research tasks
  • Workshops: The library holds open workshops on a variety of research skills
  • Live Online Instruction: Librarians can conduct distance classes with web conferencing software
  • Embedded Librarians: Librarians can conduct ongoing instruction with particular courses, providing guidance at different stages of the research process.


Plagiarism Tutorial

The tutorial, "Plagiarism and Academic Integrity at UST," shows students UST's plagiarism policies, the importance of academic integrity, and the basics of saving citation information and using sources in papers. The tutorial contains a quiz; students who pass the quiz (70%) are able to fill in and print a certificate of completion for the tutorial. Students should be allowed to keep this certificate, since they may be assigned this tutorial in multiple classes.

Students must use a computer with Adobe Flash Player to access the tutorial (no iPads), and should use a computer with a printer attached. Adobe Flash Player is available for free at

Address any questions or comments on the tutorial to Joe Goetz at A link to a feedback survey is also supplied after the certificate slide.

To assign the tutorial, supply the link below to students.

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More Ways to Ask Questions

More Ways to Ask Questions

Click this Ask Us button to access online help services such as Live Chat and our Ask Us search box.

Doherty Library - University of St. Thomas

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Cardinal Beran Library - St. Mary's Seminary

Phone  Call: (713) 686-4345 x265

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